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New Yahoo Home Page Stirs SEO Concerns

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

With the release of Yahoo’s new and impressive search engine homepage, a lot of concerns have arisen on sites such as twitter and facebook discussing how Yahoo may change the face of on page search engine optimization. Yahoo’s new landing page is indeed impressive and has user friendly changes that may appeal to a broader market. These changes include direct links to some of the most popular social media sites, and a display to keep you up to date with popular trends. With new changes, yahoo may gain a larger share of the market at the expense of Google and Bing. Their interface is definitely more user friendly than their competitors and may gain popularity. I myself am impressed to a point that I may use Yahoo more often. Yet regardless of anyone’s concern, it is doubtful that on-page SEO as we know it will change.

Proper on-page Search Engine Optimization that is found on sound principals will transcend any change that a search engine will make to its algorithm. This is only because a properly optimized site will take advantage of every opportunity to optimize for their properly chosen keyword. So long as you follow your basic guidelines of good white hat SEO, including making sure your links and hosting are solid; and so long as your content is relevant to your search terms, your site should not suffer from any change to Yahoo. An algorithm change will most likely change the basis by which Yahoo rates its sites. Perhaps it may emphasis h1 tags more for example, or it may downgrade the importance of a description tag. Either way, if your entire site is optimized, you will not have to worry about your on-page SEO suffering from any current or planned changes. This is because regardless of the standards by which search engines determine your ranking, all search engines still read the same code. They all rely on the same criteria for indexing your page (content, titles, descriptions, headlines, etc).  This is why it is important to have a comprehensive SEO strategy, because it takes all of these factors into account. A change in Yahoo will not affect your on page SEO efforts. If any consequence exists to a change in Yahoo, it will likely be of benefit your company. You will have the opportunity to be amongst the first to take advantage of any new opportunities that Yahoo may provide for your off-page SEO. This may include the way you conduct your social media campaign. One example: begin to focus your social media attention on the social media sites that Yahoo is now advertising on their home page, you may find an influx of traffic thanks to Yahoo.

The basic idea of on-page SEO suffering by improvements to a search engine are ridiculous and show a lack of understanding of the SEO process. It is not until we as a society begin to change the way we develop websites that  search engines will change the way they read our sites (most notably today is the inclusion of CSS and the effect is has in search engine friendliness). This would require a major overhaul or evolution of the basic principals that have led us to where we stand today. It is not until HTML and the way we use it change that SEO principals will change. Until then, we have ways to tell search engines what our websites are about and what category they fall under. Until then, search engines bow to good SEO and rely on it to be able to work for its viewers and advertisers. If you notice a change in your ranking immediately after Yahoo’s change, I would suggest for you to closely examine your site’s architecture, links, host and content to look for what you are doing wrong so you can fix it; also look at your competitors to see what they are doing right to emulate it.

Regardless of any changes made by Yahoo, one change you can count on, is on them strengthening their policy to fight against black hat SEO  practice. If you are a practitioner of the black arts, don’t be surprised to find a fall in ranking. If you are an innocent bystander, then stay away from these websites that try to run a foul of the system. Please read our blog about bad neighborhoods to find out how you can prevent having your site hosted next to spammers or how to look for links hidden in your site or your partner sites that direct a viewer to flagged sites. Both of these can get you flagged as a spammer. Even though you may have good intentions, you will be cited because of your associations and your sponsoring of them.

We are Saba, A San Diego SEO Company. We recommend that if you have any doubts about your search engine optimization strategy to give us a call immediately before you get flagged, and black listed. It is afterall a lot easier to get flagged as a spammer than to get un-flagged. Avoid costly mistakes and call us at 1-866-937-1717 today.

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