Ten SEO Myths – Busted

SEO myths are rampant throughout the online world. Some of these myths are somewhat based on real occurrences while others have multiplied because of the difficulty in the ability to verify exactly what SEO action resulted in a particular search engine effect.

  • URL should be submitted to search engines- this myth may have been true once upon a time, somewhere around five or six years ago, but is no longer the case these days.
  • Site must be updated often- while updating the website on a regular basis might boost the SEO crawl pace, it will not up rankings. Therefore, if the site does not need updating, it is okay to leave it as is.
  • Meta tags are of critical importance- not always the case. Search engines these days prefer better content over Meta tags. Web masters in the past have been known to stuff Meta tags with useless keywords in attempts to trick search engines into giving higher ratings. This has happened so much that the method has been abused and left to spammers.
  • Guaranteed SEO- an SEO company cannot give a guaranteed ranking and optimization promise simply because in real life, no one can guarantee the numbers.
  • A good SEO company demands commitment- this can go either way. Because it takes 4-6 months in most instances to see results, most SEO companies feel it’s important o have at least a 6 months contract. Because the industry is so competitive, clients receive solicitations from countless competitors claiming they can provide immediate results. Often times, this leads to clients questioning the lack of results in the first few months by the contracted company. In order to avoid this, most reputable companies require at least a 3-6 months contract. However, in some instances companies might be willing to provide a month to month service. .
  • SEO is a one-time fix- this would make things easier, for sure, but it is not to be. Staying on top of search engines is an endless effort, a long term process that takes a lot of work that has to be continually followed up on.
  • Pay Per Click Ads will help or hurt ratings- neither is true. PPC has neither a positive nor a negative effect on the SEO ratings. Search engines are actually quite smart and do not get confused with natural versus paid search outcomes.
  • Great content equals great ranking- while the content may be quality, getting noticed by search engines is what it will take to gain traffic and optimize the site.
  • Optimization can be handled ‘in-house’- this is certainly true if there is an SEO expert present and that expert has the know-how and access to industry specific software and tools needed to do a top notch professional job of optimization.
  • SEO is all about link building- there is so much more to SEO than link building. While link building is very important, there are a good many other things involved in SEO. Activities such as optimizing current and new pages as well as constantly adding new content, and so forth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an exact science; however, a reputable company should have a strong grip of the processes and methodologies that are necessary to success in this competitive industry. Saba is a San Diego SEO and San Diego Web Design company which has helped numerous clients in diverse industries to achieve page one ranking. We offer free Search Engine Optimization and Website Design consultation to all of our clients. Feel free to give us a call or visit our website www.sabaseo.com.

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