Internal Link Structures

Easily forgotten is one of the major factors in optimizing your website, Internal Link Structure. Gone is the day when “click here” was a satisfactory method to link to other pages. Today’s modern website will understand the value of both your file names, and your anchor text. Anchor text is the text that much like my previous example (”click here”) can be anything you want. It is the clickable text in your HTML document that allows you to go to another page. Several different links exist including, image links and text links. The most important of which are text links in the SEO world. Text links allow you to directly communicate with search engines by giving you the ability to describe what it is you are linking to. Image links do not allow this opportunity, so they rely on the alt attribute tag to describe an image. Although search engines will be able to read this alt tag, it is important to remember that text links using keyword friendly anchor texts will weigh more heavily in your favor.

Take the following example:

The link “San Diego SEO Company” works way better for SEO than this link “click here for a San Diego SEO Company.”

The first example clearly spells out what the page is about and what you can expect to see in the linked page. You would expect to find information about a San Diego SEO Company. Otherwise, search engines would see the second example as a non descriptive link, and will have a lower rank. Think of it this way…do you prefer to rank for the term “click here?” No.

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    Thanks for the reminder on how internal link structures can aid in maximizing SEO efforts. Keep up the good work!

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