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Although it is common to come across a blog posting that may resemble in the spirit of a good Term Paper, it is best to avoid lengthy blog posts that may not keep the reader’s attention. The following is a short blog with some common best practices for creating successful blog postings of your own, without giving the reader incentive to leave.

Leave the big words out. Unless your blog is directly focused towards service providers such as doctors and lawyers who have languages of their own, avoid long and difficult words. People who are online will have a short attention span and if your site is too difficult to read, your blog will never be read. If you are online, you must expect that anyone will be able to access your blog and a large portion of the time, it will by found by an average Joe. Search engines will also suggest using elementary level language to increase searchability as it will help you get a larger part of the online traffic.

Leave the lengthiness behind. A blog post, no matter how interesting or informative will cause the eyes to tire if the post is too long. Give your audience a break by tackling the subject early in the post and provide reinforcing details to finish it off. If your have a lot of information, try to give your reader’s eyes a break by providing relevant images in between paragraphs to allow the eye time to rest before proceeding.

give your visitors an eye break

give your visitors an eye break

Giving your visitors an occasional break will help your readers find the energy to finish lengthy blog posts. Making the images relative to the subject matter and adding alt tags to the image help keep your blog postings search engine friendly.

Consider typographical hierarchy. Just like reading in a magazine, our eyes are attracted to certain parts of the page in the designer’s predetermined order, all in an effort to make the page easy to read with a good flow. The designer controls this with fonts, size, weights, color, etc. the only difference is that blogs use a vertical reading order rather than a horizontal one. In a blog’s vertical scroll arrangement, our flow is already predetermined, we are only assigned the task of making the words easy to read. This includes the use of a serif font for lengthy posts as they help lead the eye from word to word. If you are using a san serif consider a font designed specifically for online view such as Verdana. Avoid using more than 3 different fonts per post to promote a unified style. Use bold words sparingly. This is often a challenge as <strong> tags help search engines find keywords. We suggest only bolding 3 keywords per post, or leaving the keywords for titles or paragraph headings that would be bolded anyways.

Don’t be afraid. Posting blogs may be intimidating. This is specially true for controversial subjects, but your reader’s reaction may surprise you. Negative reaction is not always a bad thing, and may bring more attention to your site than positive feedback. If you fail, just post another blog tomorrow, no harm done. Putting the fear aside will keep your blog posts personable and will appear more as dialog to your readers. The only rule to always consider is that you represent the company, so keep it professional.

Be Transparent. If you post with a hidden agenda, or if you wait until the very last paragraph of a lengthy post get to your point, the reader will catch on an have a mistrust about you and your company. Be clear about your goals, your success and failures; and be concise. If your company is facing an embarrassing moment and a potentially bad PR crisis, it is best for the company to begin the dialog about it first because chances are that someone else will begin talking about it if you don’t. Beat critics to the punch by acknowledging your mistakes and how you plan to grow from it.

Creating a good post should not be hard. If it is, it’s probably because you are trying too hard. When you finish you may have a very well written term paper, but a bad blog. Our best advice is to put the fear aside,  don’t think about it too much, and avoid sounding like a machine. If possible, talk from the heart. This will encourage comments and interaction from your readers.

If you have found this helpful, please leave a comment. If you need further assistance putting together an online marketing strategy, call Saba SEO, a San Diego SEO Company today toll free at 866-937-1717.

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